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Please fill out the "Request Host Tourney Page" form.
Click on "Request Host Tourney Page" above left; under the main image.
Just tell us what you want, and we will do our best to make you your page!

We will NOT use licensed images for a custom page, unless we have the CU licensing.
We do have some images that we have purchased for "commercial" use and we can use those.

To request Custom League Home Page, click on the "Request League Set" above right;
and fill out the form.


We are in the middle of re-structuring how we do custom pages. If you are having issues with your custom pages or have any questions please contact Pixie, Nonie, or Tiara on Trillian and we will update you with what is going on and the changes we are making. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during our construction of site!

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Pink Paradox Productions
Scrap 4 Hire
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